Q&A with a Young Trekker Ready for the Trek for Tourette

Sam and Jonah Trek 2017.JPG

In the above photo, the Kaplun brothers (Sam on the left, Jonah on the right) hang out at the 2017 Trek for Tourette in Toronto. We got to hear Jonah's answers to questions about the Trek, which is happening for the 10th time this year on Sunday, March 25th. Details here.

When did you first Trek?

Jonah: Last year was the first time I volunteered for the Trek for Tourette. I wasn't well enough to walk but I volunteered to help out.

What's your favourite memory about participating in the Trek for Tourette?

Jonah: My favourite memory is selling my brother Sam's book of poems to the people who showed up at the Trek.

Why do you think it's important to Trek for Tourette?

Jonah: It's important because if we don't fundraise for the disorder, no one will know about it and no one will care about it, and then no one will be there to help us.

What would you like to say to people wondering if they should join the Trek?

Jonah: I'd say. I think you should Trek because people with Tourette need your help and it is a very easy thing to do. When you are done you can feel very proud of yourself.

Thanks to Jonah Kaplun for taking the time to share his thoughts about the Trek for Tourette. We all hope to see you on the 25th!