Ticcing and Talking with Lu by Lucia Marchionatto


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I developed TS around the age of 9, with my first tic being a vocal tic causing me to repeatedly clear my throat. At first, I did not know that I had TS. I was quite confused. All I knew was that I felt a constant need to clear my throat and no matter how many times I did it or how much force I would put into clearing my throat the urge would not go away. A couple of months later after seeing some doctors, I was diagnosed with Tourette.

I struggled quite a bit with my TS as an adolescent. I often felt very alone and misunderstood. At the age of 21 while residing in an all-women’s shelter, I met a woman who had moved here from a war-torn country where she had seen indescribable things. Yet, she was simply the most content person I’ve ever met. I remember wondering how she could be so happy after being through everything she had experienced and as we began to talk it all became very clear to me. This woman was the most thankful woman I knew! And that’s when I realized…

Anyone can be dealt a bad hand. It’s all about the attitude with which you deal with it!

Nobody’s life is one hundred percent perfect. We all go through things, bad days, hard times, the ups and downs of life. The important thing is to see the bad moments as a stepping stone, because that’s usually when we are learning the most. I have found that through the crazy adventures of my life it may be the good times I enjoyed, but the hard times that I learned from tremendously. For example, perhaps if I had not experienced being bullied as an adolescent, I would not have the strong desire that I have today to help others and be a voice for those in need. The rough times are what have shaped us into the amazing person we can be today. So the next time you’re going through a bad moment, instead of trying to think about how bad you feel, focus of how you could improve the situation next time and remember to keep smiling! Because in this crazy rollercoaster of life, when you fall down…you rise back up again.

—Lucia Marchionatto

Do Fidget Spinners Really Help Reduce Symptoms of TS Plus?

This is the year of the fidget spinner, no doubt about it. The airways have been abuzz for months: Kim Kardashian designed one! A school board banned it! A bazillion units have been sold!

It seems like just another meteoric fad destined for the trashheap... or is it?

Buried among the headlines are hints that these whirling widgets may possess special powers to help folks with Tourette Syndrome, ADHD, anxiety, and sensory processing challenges according to this article, this one, and this one. Very interesting indeed.

We’d love to hear from you about your experiences with fidget spinners. Have they helped you or a loved one with symptoms of TS Plus? Be sure to let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page.

A Father and Son Living with TS Featured on NPR

The bond between a father and son can be a strong and special one. We don’t hear enough positive stories about this relationship when TS is in the picture. We’re pleased to report that NPR recently featured Josh and Max, a father and son affected by TS on their Morning Edition radio show, and it’s worth a listen.

You’ll notice how well Josh and Max support, defend and understand each other. We see this with our families and it reminds us of the truth in the saying “the family who tics together, sticks together”!

Listen to the clip and read transcript on the NPR website.