Educational Programs

We offer a number of educational opportunities for different members of our community to learn about TS and its associated conditions. Please check our events calendar for upcoming educational events, contact us with your request for one of the below events, and/or subscribe for news about future events.

Living, loving and learning workshops

This workshop discusses what TS is and isn’t and current notions of TS in society. It includes how TS is diagnosed, symptoms and treatments and the disorder’s possible effects in daily functioning. Participants will gain understanding and strategies to become a source of support to children, youth and families living with Tourette Syndrome and associated conditions.


Some individuals with TS experience rage episodes, often referred to as neurological storms. These distressing events often appear to occur randomly, escalate quickly and with no sensible explanation. The level of anger and rage expressed is neither appropriate to the situation nor the age and developmental stage of the individual. The episodes pose a great challenge to the person experiencing them and their family and educators.

This interactive workshop will provide participants with an overview of TS and its associated conditions. It looks at the current trends and views as to the neurology of neurological storms. 

Strategies to circumvent the storm, support the individual through the event and maintain safety for all those involved are discussed. Self care of the caregiver is also important, so strategies to protect the well being, both physical and emotional, of those supporting such intense events (family members and educators) are also discussed.

in-service presentations

The In-Service Presentation program educates a variety of audiences about TS and its associated disorders such as teachers, students, co-workers, paramedics, law enforcement officers and more using multimedia materials and a highly customized approach.

Trained In-Service Presenters cover a variety of key topics such as—depending on the audience—a clear understanding of TS and its associated conditions, classroom teaching and coping strategies, lessons in tolerance and respecting differences and much more.

In-Service Presentations are free of charge, although a donation is very much appreciated. Contact us to request one at your child's school, your workplace or your local community centre.