Learn, Connect and Understand

We're the Greater Toronto Chapter of Tourette Canada, a group of volunteers committed to delivering on the mission and vision of Tourette Canada in the GTA. Our Chapter's geographic coverage extends from Peel Region in the west to Durham Region in the east to York Region in the north—and of course, Toronto!


In support of our mission, we offer opportunities for our community to learn about Tourette, to connect as a community impacted by Tourette and to better understand how we respond to the challenges of Tourette. 

We focus our efforts on our key stakeholders: individuals living with Tourette (adults, youth and children), families impacted by Tourette (immediate and extended), and our partners in education (administrators, teachers and ERFs within the school boards). We also look to influence and educate our allied professional community (e.g. law enforcement officers, paramedics and transit employees) who interact with members of our Tourette community and who are in a position to support individuals with Tourette. 

As you navigate our website, you'll be introduced to the many ways we support our community as they learn, connect and understand. Send us a note if you need some help, or think you might be in a position to help us! We'd love to hear from you.

Kind regards, 

Your Greater Toronto Chapter Team